Pay Per Click

All the small and large firms spend millions and billions on advertising specifically in the traditional media like radio, directories, billboards, magazines, television and newspaper. With every new day, a new media channel appears. Today, you will see more and more audience online. For the advertisements, Google ads are the right way.

Pay per Click helps you to improve your ads and showcase your businesses on high traffic websites like lifestyle, fashion, music sites, newspaper sites, magazines and much more. We provide you exclusive Pay per click service for your daily audience. We assure you a high-quality service for your business advertisements.

Pay per click is just like one stop shop for your diverse marketing problems. The biggest drawback in multiple marketing strategies is
that they do not ever pay in terms of proportion of investment. For instance, one of your cheapest marketing strategy may pay more, while on the other hand an expensive strategy might be a lot less promising. This is not the case with PPC. You get as much reward as much you actually pay.

Pay per click among rest of the online marketing tools is considered to be one of the most effective tool that brings absolute results. This is
basically a highly targeted marketing strategy. This is designed for those potential clients who are already willing to buy. And another best part is that you can manage your budget according to your available resources. This implies that you can spend as much as you want to spend. Whether you have specified a small amount for this purpose or a very large one. This ensures immediate return on your investment made in form of PPC marketing and the results are also tangible, quantifiable and measurable. This technique is mostly suitable for search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing. Running a PPC campaign requires a certain kind of expertise and just cannot be done by some part timers. So be very careful while looking for a professional team of Google PPC campaign.

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Campaigns we Manage

Remarkeeting / Retargeting
We reconnect your with all your previous website visitors. It is the right source to re-engage your customers through email. In this way, we increase your ROI quickly.
Display Network
Display ad includes graphics and the content that is designed as per your requirements. It contains audios, graphics and videos. We work on the captivating visual content.
Search Network
We offer graphical advertisements; we work on in-app advertisements, interactive HTML, flash, videos and images for you on all networks.
Mobile Only
We know today, the majority of the users prefer using mobiles. This is the reason we advertise your products and services on mobile only.
Video Ads
We help you in making your marketing campaigns successful with our retargeting strategy. This increases the recognition of your brand in the market.
Shopping Ads
We offer several options for you to give ads for shopping. It includes video marketing, email list, and standard dynamic.

Our Process

Weekly & Monthly Reports
To our clients, we provide weekly and monthly reports. We offer 24/7 support to the clients for email and live chat facility.
Camapign Draft
Our creative and effective strategy of campaign draft helps in driving target audiences toward much targeted and required actions.
Campaign Setup
We provide high-quality and successful marketing campaign strategy. Our services are reachable and friendly. We target the potential customers to with the campaign set up strategy.
Landing Pages
Our team has expertise and training that is the surety that they can form the most popular landing pages on your website.
PPC Audit
Our PPC audit method begins from understanding audit purpose, leading data, coverage and data analysis.
Budget Monitoring
We always revise requirements and needs for budget monitoring. This keeps your advertising campaign in budget.
Weekly Analysis & Revision
We revise our strategy for getting better results. This is the effective way to modify the campaign techniques.
Conversion Tracking
To increase the percentage rate of visitors our conversion tracking system is solid. It assists in attaining maximum audience for the websites.


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